NRCS Work Group 2021 Survey

    The Farm Bill designated the Local Working Groups as a subcommittee of the State Technical Committee. The Local Working Group's role is to provide similar recommendations and advice as the State Technical Committee, with a focus on the resource priorities of the local community. These priority resource concerns will be used to prioritize the rankings for USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation programs including Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).

    To participate in this survey you will need to be a resident of Union County, Indiana. This survey will be available until October 23, 2020.

    Please fill out the general information below. Choose only ten concerns or priorities from the list below. Then from the ten that you have chosen rank them from 1-10 (1 being the highest priority and 10 being the lowest priority). Not all listed items will be selected. At the bottom of the page are images that give a description of each concern or priority listed. There is also the results from 2020 NRCS Workgroup Survey for Union County. If you click on the image you will go to another page where you can click on the image again to enlarge it to full size.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions please e-mail Union County, Indiana and/or call (765) 825-2331 extension 3.

    Air Quality Emissions

    Aquatic Habitat

    Concentrated Erosion

    Degraded Plant Condition

    Field Pesticide Loss

    Field Pesticide Loss

    Fire Management

    Inefficient Energy Use

    Livestock Production Limitation

    Long Term Protection of the Land

    Pest Pressure

    Soil Losses to Water

    Soil Quality Limitations

    Source Water Depletion

    Storage and Handling of Pollutants

    Terrestrial Habitat

    Weather Resilience

    Wind and Water Erosion

    Description of Concerns and Priorities
    Description of Concerns or Priorities Page 1
    Description of Concerns or Priorities
    Description of Concerns or Priorities Page 2


    2020 NRCS Survey Results for Union County
    2020 NRCS Survey Results for Union County